Our Rooms, Suites & Trailers

Daddy’s Suites

The Ultimate Cape Town Luxury

The Grand Daddy boast two designer, opulent suites: The Sugar Daddy Suite and The Grand Daddy Suite. A stay in one of these unique, vibrant, luxurious suites ensures your Mother City experience is at its most deluxe. If you believe comfort and the finer things in life are essential for a good night’s rest, you’ll fit right in here!

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Standard, Superior & Luxury Rooms

Chic and smooth with a twist at the end, like Cape Town herself, the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel’s rooms are subtle, stylish and shimmering. Our recently redecorated rooms all feature either one king-size bed (comprised of two 3/quarter mattresses with no space between them) or two separate single beds (twin room). The comforts of an internationally recognised four-star hotel are made all the more special as our rooms peppered with clever local touches and customary attention to detail.

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Airstream Trailers

Seven Unique Airstreams

Authentic Airstream trailers are incredible works of craftsmanship and their classic shape is unforgettable. Each Airstream trailer has a queen-size bed, wet room with a shower, and modern comforts like TV, aircon and fridges. Our rooftop trailers are each uniquely designed to reflect a stop on a typical South African roadtrip.

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