Quirky Daddy Facts

The American Dream

1. Our seven Airstream Trailers were shipped in from the United States of America.

How Long is Long Street?

2. Long Street is a one-way street that stretches over more than 20 blocks and measure 1 660 metres long, or 1.66 kilometres.

The Architect

3. The original architect of the Grand Daddy hotel building on 38 Long Street is Mello Gerardus Damstra, a Dutchman who came to the Cape around 1895, according to the South African Heritage Resource Agency.

Going up!

4. The vintage elevator at the Grand Daddy is the oldest operational elevator in Cape Town.

Lucky Number Seven

5. The Grand Daddy's Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park is legendary. The seven glinting, individually-themed trailers on our rooftop take visitors on a fanciful and fuss-free journey.

A Lot of Love for Leon

6. You may or may not have seen the little golden statuette of a dog at the Daddy. His name is Leon and he's the best mascot any hotel could ask for – purveyor of great times and awesome service.

The Lynch Factor

7. Capetonian interior designer Tracy Lynch is responsible for the Grand Daddy hotel's proudly South African décor. She also designed the interior of the Love of Lace Airstream Trailer.

Room to Move

8. There are 32 rooms to choose from at the Grand Daddy hotel: 23 Superior Rooms, 2 Sugar Daddy Suites, and 7 Airstream Trailers.

A Grand Old Daddy

9. The Grand Daddy building on 38 Long Street, which was built in1874 and its doors opened in 1895 as the Hotel Metropole.

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