What are your New Year’s Plans?

Ring out the old … Grand Daddy style! Our Lost on Long party is going down in a very big way tomorrow night and tickets are selling fast. The R150 gets you into our spectacular New Year’s bash and includes a free glass of bubbly at the door. 

And the best news?

Bacardi has come to the party to help you get more lost than you can imagine … Free welcome mojitos and many Bacardi ladies to add to the vibe.

New Year's just seems to happen once a year without fail, doesn’t it? Good to know there are some things we can count on! Not unlike the Grand Daddy’s killer parties! This year, think Caribbean with a touch of Wilson.

Our Lost on Long party starts at 19h30 and will carry on until the early hours of 2011.

Please contact reservations@granddaddy.co.za for tickets! Fun times – you know it.

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