Summer in the City

Only two weeks into December and already we’re feeling the heat – sometimes we can even see the steam rise off Long Street and sunset can’t come soon enough. It’s getting hotter in Cape Town by the day … and we’re not only referring to the rising mercury.

If you’re wondering what all the cool cats are up to over peak-season in the city, here are some things we suspect they are doing.

Hitting the Beach

Camps Bay is the coolest cool this time of year, with film and advertising types, models, doctors, lawyers and even the occasional Indian chief making their traffic-jammed way to the wonderfully white sands of the trendiest part of town. Sun worshippers mingle with the impossibly beautiful of all ages and genders to make Cape Town the premier destination in South Africa.

Getting some Culture

Art galleries abound in the City Centre of Cape Town and, beyond the marvellous South African National Gallery, there are many independent art galleries and boutique art stores dotted all along Long Street, Loop Street and Bree Street. You’re perfectly safe walking these streets during the day time, and it’s a great way to kill time or even pick up a few pieces of quintessentially iKapa art while you’re at it.

Sundowners at the Sky Bar

Regardless of whether they’re sleeping at the Grand Daddy or not, locals and foreigners who know how to have a good time enjoy their post-blistering-heat sundowners at our Sky Bar – and catch a live music show if they’re lucky. 

Hitting the Dance Floors

Looking for a place to get footloose and kick off your Sunday shoes? Long Street is teeming with clubs and bars that suit any and every predilection and stay open till the light of dawn. From good ol’ Irish beer at the Dubliner to thumping drum and bass at Fiction, from reggae and ska at Zula Sound Bar to deep-fried Mars bars and the most sophisticated electro at Neighbourhood, you really don’t have to go anywhere else than Long Street for your clubbing fix. 

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