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So last weekend I headed south, and by that I mean to my hometown of Kommetjie (do you really think I went to the J&B Met!?! Haha – No chance!) and the famous Long Beach – arguably Cape Town’s most consistent wave and now a breeding ground for SA’s top junior surfers.  I got suited up, grabbed my board and hit the water to find some really fun little four footers rolling through. I turned around and paddled into a beauty and was nicely dropped-in on by a super kook (someone that has NO IDEA of what he is doing) in the process.  Now these things happen; and I thought little of it. Then; I just about got decapitated by another ultra-kook (someone that has NO IDEA of what anyone is doing!) and all this within the first 5 minutes?!?

 Now, we all started at the beginning and some of us are still there, BUT there is etiquette that we surfers follow, so let me lay it down for you. (Well the first stages anyway): In order to get good at anything you must practice... and the best way to practice is to get taught the right way of doing things in the first place by a professional coach. Cape Town has MANY surf schools dotted all over the coastline with Muizenberg being the epicentre. These guys are pros and will teach you the basics to advanced surfing and all in a safe environment. Once you’ve learned how to stay afloat (and alive) and some of the other ‘rules of the sea,’ like not riding your 9 foot board up someone’s ass, then, and only then, would I suggest you venturing out on your own... This is Mother Nature, in her purest form, do not mess with her she will beat you down. And if she doesn’t, someone with a name like ‘Bubba’ and a face that looks like he ate bricks for breakfast just might!

Me getting ‘disciplined’ by Mother Nature. Me getting ‘disciplined’ by Mother Nature.


We’ve had two epic swells already this year and it’s only the beginning of February – Not too shabby. So what’s on the cards for the month of romance...? Plenty heat! Yip, summer’s here in full force and I for one am loving it! The harsh reality of finding nothing on the early morning surf check is comfortably softened when you can see that it’s going to be another beautiful day, and this is how it’s looking for the rest of the week.

Wednesday sees the last of the SE, the weekend may even have a cloud or two coming from the north but (and that’s a big BUT) the sun is here and it ain’t going anywhere. For the beginner surfers out there (see above) get yourselves down to Muizenburg and go visit Surf Shack or one of the other surf schools; the waves are going to be perfect for you. As for the advanced guys looking for an adrenalin shot to the energy system, maybe grab a long-board or SUP and head down there too otherwise it’ll be worth a drive past Misty Cliffs.

So yet again another sun-filled week, get that sun block, grab that cooler bag and towel and hit the beach. You’re in the world’s most beautiful city... You should take advantage.


For once there’s not a whole lot to report on the beaching side of things for this coming weekend unless you count getting tanned-up a storm and putting your feet up as you watch the world go by. No major events are planned so I’d suggest that you join the beach-bar and restaurant vibe revolution...  Go and see why CT is famous for its beauty.

If you in town then Clifton Beaches 1 through 4 will be the place to be, get to the Grand and blow your money on a dining experience like non-other on the water’s edge, hit Caprice and be ‘seen’ with the other cool-cats or check-out Goldfish on Sunday at St Yves.

The Big Bay arena will be packed with its newly developed beach village and the rest of the Atlantic Seaboard will be packed with sun-worshippers looking to get their PHD in the art of tanning. Boulders Beach in Simon’s town is a must for any out-of-towner wanting to experience ‘The Cape’ and the bistro on the beach there is well worth a shot. Muizenberg’s Empire Cafe is a food lover’s retreat which serves up some of the tastiest grub in a cute artistic setting and is a stone’s through from the gentle breakers. Why not take a train from town and visit both these places as well as save on the petrol and see CT like you’ve never seen it before?

So, there may be little happening this weekend, there may be a lack of waves too, but that’s fine every now and again. We are the generation that likes to work hard, play hard, party hard and chill hard... This is one of those weekends that provides for all of that. Enjoy!

...And that’s the way we do things.

Deno Dene

CT Sunrise  - WHAT a way to start the day! CT Sunrise - WHAT a way to start the day!

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