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Surf vs Turf:

‘Larger than Life’ describes many if not most surfers. It’s how we live. It’s our reason to get up in the morning AND our reason to stay up and party all night! We celebrate life... the larger... the better. So I was interested when I saw the theme for this year’s J&B Met.

We are watermen, not turf-jocks. In the old days this kind of event would be laughed at by surfers, “Why do you want to get dressed-up and go to the tracks on a stinking hot Saturday afternoon when the waves are rolling through!?! Is jy mal ("crazy" to none South Africans)!?’ is the kind of thing that would have been said. But that’s no longer the case. Surfers are hot property and in order for top dogs to earn their daily hamburger they need media exposure... THIS is where they find it.

But what is ‘Larger than life’?

Is it the atmosphere of the races, tens of thousands of people, the horses (and their names?!), placing winning bets, the celebs, getting to the front of the queue (toilet and / or bar) and partying with your mates at one of SA’s signature events OR checking the charts, packing your boards in the car, filling up the cooler bag, sticking your lovely lady in the front seat and heading up the coast in search of empty hollow waves? Which is more appealing? The choice is yours. I can tell you one thing though... I’m super excited for the weekend!


Well after last week’s gale-force SE reminding us exactly who’s boss and WHAT controls the water temperature (damn it’s been cold!) you’ll be frustrated to know that it’s sticking around. Yip, this wind ain’t going anywhere! It’s set to start up again on Wednesday evening, mellowing out a bit for the weekend and then kicking-in again next week, ‘Fan-$%?>@&-tastic!’ I hear you say... but this time it is! We have a heaving 4 metre at 13 second swell starting to show itself on Thursday evening which should be grinding in full force by Friday and hovering around for most of the weekend! ‘Yeah-bloody-ha’ is what I’m hearing from the crowd now.

The reefs are set to thump and any point break along the Atlantic side should be happening too. As for the folks on the False Bay side, there may well be a wave on the weekend as the wind goes more southerly but I’d keep the vinegar on hand, there are going to be some unfriendly little blue buggers floating around.

But that’s it, summer is here! The water’s freezing, the braai’s are blazing and the waves are slow to non-existent... However this is a city bordered by coastline and there’s always a wave happening somewhere. So, get to the surf shops, pubs and local hang-outs and make a friend who’s more knowledgeable than you are(surf-wise at least)... You never know, he might just have a hot sister! Happy hunting.


The onlookers enjoying the vibe and sun at the Rolling Retro event. The onlookers enjoying the vibe and sun at the Rolling Retro event.

The smell of boerewors rolls, the look on the guys faces when the first waves came through, the lack of shade, the amount of times the bar ran out of beer and the non-stop smiling, laughing and hooting from the crowd would have done it for me... But there was more! The Rolling Retro Surf Comp with RVCA and Vudu Surf at Llandudno on Sunday was a screaming success!

Lifesavers, spectators and surfers came together in a beautiful collaboration of neon-infused harmony as the beach came alive for what must be the funnest event ever! Yeah, quote me on that... It was insane! No words could quite explain the electric atmosphere (and I would know, yours truly was voluntarily on the microphone and having more fun than anyone!). The outfits were ridiculous (even non-existent at times!), the boards were beautiful (30+ pieces of art from around the world), the music was old-school (and got the heads bopping), the waves were cooking (didn’t see that one coming) and the event will go down in history as a winner. Well done to everyone involved and thanks to everyone who supported.

Retro Steve – Steven ‘Laces’ showing the boys he wasn’t taking it laying down. Retro Steve – Steven ‘Laces’ showing the boys he wasn’t taking it laying down.

Check!/group.php?gid=23381527382 for more.

All I can say is... Let’s do it again, and let’s do it soon!

...And that’s the way we do things.

Deno Dene

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