Serious Beaching

Hello all you sun worshippers, beach goes, weekend warriors and hardcore surfer dudes! Welcome to 2011 and the newest addition to the Grand Daddy site; the Serious Beaching blog. We are going to be setting out what’s happening in and out the water on our world famous beaches around the Mother City.

 The topics are bold, the info is current and the names are real and it’s coming to you weekly so if you are a first time surfer with snot running down your face OR a big wave riding mad man then this might just be for you. If you are a transparent looking family from Liverpool or a seasoned professional who cares not for sun-block but prefers cooking oil then we’ve got the low down on where to go in order to get BEACHED!

Each week we’ll be giving you a Surf Conditions update with recommendations where to get wet and/or stick your umbrella as well as Local News as to what’s happening on the beaches of Cape Town this summer. It might get messy at times but we’ll do our best it keep you entertained.


We’ve seen the first swell of 2011! Stoked!  A nice little 15 second period swell came rumbling up the coast over the weekend and it couldn’t have been better co-ordinated. The last weekend of the school holidays (thank goodness! We can actually get some waves now that those buggers are back in school!), the sun followed accordingly and the wind guided the shape – if that’s a sign of things to come then we’re all smiling!

For the rest of the week the South Easter is going to pump! Starting on Thursday afternoon and letting-up until mid next week it’s going to blow your mind, however there will still be a sheltered spot here and there so all is not lost. The likes of Boulders Beach is always a hot spot for the sun-soakers as well as the Clifton arena – do cover up though, this SA sun has no mercy!

There is a 3 metre swell running till the weekend but it’s coming from the SE and is at 7 seconds so basically I’d dig out the beach bat & ball and get in touch with my inner child if I were you. You may find a little wave on the Atlantic side but you’ll probably be scratching, so, take full advantage. Also, the water is going to get ridiculously cold too so be prepared with plenty rubber and accessories!

Learn to surf peeps – Head to Big Bay as Muizenberg is going to be as pleasant as a washing machine filled with blue bottles.

Serious surfer dudes – Fill the tank, pack the cooler bag and do the rounds.


The Rolling Retro Surf Contest – Supported by RVCA and Vudu will be at Llandudno from 12h00 on Sunday the 23rd. Thousand of rands worth of prizes but no single winner?!  Love it!  Claimed to be the ‘funnest surf contest’ The Rolling Retro is all about bringing the surfers together, getting dressed in your grand-father’s clothes and combing out that hidden afro... And surfing! With STYLE!

Registration starts at 9 at the beach and entry is R50. There is limited space and locals have preference. So if you want to give it a crack or just be entertained by some of SA’s elite surfers doing what they do best... then raid that wardrobe, dust off that dinged-up beauty and get on down to Llandudno this Sunday... it’s going to be insane!

.....And that’s the way we do things.


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