Rooftop Trailer Park under construction

There are some views that are unmistakably South African; our flat-topped mountain with a cloth of cloud, corn-coloured grassland sprinkled with Springbok, the rugged coastline where two great oceans merge and the view up Long Street where a colourful collection of humanity paints the perfect rainbow.  Long Street, also home to our award-winning luxury, boutique hotel.  Grandly standing, plush and playful.  The crowning glory of the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel is the Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park, famous for its Pink Flamingo outdoor cinema and 7 vintage American trailers.
From time to time, everyone deserves a makeover, and what better place to start than on top.  In 2014 the Grand Daddy's Rooftop Trailer Park is getting the full treatment, the result of which will be “outside vintage Americano and inside 100% South African”.  Yip, those unmistakable South African vistas are climbing right inside the trailers.  A night in one of these iconic rooms could have you enjoying a safari with sweeping bush views* or a rugged coastal climb.  Each trailer will be as unique as the South African vista that it encapsulates.
Outside vintage Americano, inside 100% South African.  Kind of like the South African teens of the 90’s with their stars and stripes baseball caps and carefully rehearsed American twang…only… much, much better!
So while the very best in the business work hard on her makeover, the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel will keep the trailer park under wraps.  The Rooftop Trailer Park may be closed for business, but rest assured it is currently a hive of genius artistry and activity. We look forward to opening the trailer doors at the end of August so that you can take a look and fall in love, all over again. 
*Springbok not included & follow the Daddy's Facebook page for updates
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