Leap Year Day

Today, the 29th of February is leap year day.  Those of us who have been around the sun a couple of times, know that this only happens once every 4 years and on this magical day, it is tradition that a woman can propose marriage to a man, and he is not allowed to refuse without penalties.

Men have been chivalrous about this tradition and over the centuries, if a proposal was not accepted, to soften the blow, they would pay a fine, these fines could range from a simple kiss, to a silk gown, 12 pairs of gloves or material for a skirt.   An acceptable penalty in today’s standards would be,  to tell him to bring you for drinks to Daddy Cool Bar, and introduce you to some of his single friends.

The true origins of Leap year however is far more practical in nature, the extra day was instated, because the earth takes more than 365 day to orbit the sun and once every 4 years an additional day has to be added to ensure that the calendar remains synced.

Enjoy this bonus day of February, whether you use it to propose to the love of your life, or just to be thankful that you have an extra day to get your financials ready for SARS.

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