If Music be the Food of Life, Rock On!

Dan Shout Dan Shout

December in Long Street is always a festive affair – the sidewalks overflow with folks on holiday, music can be heard from the streets and food, drink and merriment are the order of every day and every night.

The Daddy likes to think of itself as something of a leader in this regard, and of our venues as the locales where the magic finds its first life. 

So far in December alone we’ve hosted no less than three major South African musical acts on our rooftop. 

On December 1, Dan Shout – who played saxophone for Johnny Clegg – launched his new album, Greetings & Salutations, at the Grand Daddy. Dan performed his new songs along with acclaimed local musos Lee Thompson (trumpet) and Kesivan Naidoo (drums) to an enthralled crowd at the Daddy Cool Bar. 

Then, on Tuesday, December 7, local rockers Van Coke Cartel launched the music video for their new single, Ondier kom! at an exclusive, free party on the roof. Band members Francois van Coke and Jedd Kossew performed some bonus acoustic songs and it turned into a Tuesday that only the Daddy can deliver – raucous, festive and hot. 

The gorgeous Judy Brown, jazz saxophonist extraordinaire, let her hair down at the Daddy Cool Bar with sultry sounds and a sexy new album called Liquid Sax. Judy’s toured the world with her woodwind instrument and now she’s focusing her attentions on the Cape Town crowd – a repository for cool if ever there was one. 

Keep a close eye on our website and Facebook fan page for notifications of upcoming events; if there’s a great musical gig happening, the Daddy can’t be far behind.  

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