First, Let me Take a Selfie

The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel is opening the curtains to The Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park in a few short days.  We can’t wait to celebrate these shiny works of art with you which have been transformed into an epic South African road trip.  Call it a ‘Rooftop Celebration’ if you will, because we are commemorating our 7 brand-spanking new trailer makeovers.

But first, let us take a selfie… to explain:

We’re welcoming all our guests to document our rooftop debut selfie style.  That’s right. Stretch your arm out as long as you can, or ask a fellow Grand Daddy visitor or staff member to give you a hand and snap a selfie to jumpstart our #GrandDaddySelfie campaign!

Here’s the Deal:

We will have a stylin’ picture framed chalk board for guests to use in their selfie pictures, to fully get you into the selfie spirit. The chalk-board frame will be placed on the rooftop for all of Daddy’s guests to enjoy!

Snap a picture with your “glamorous free-standing frame” and share on our social media platforms, Facebook and/or Twitter.  

  • Facebook users, post your selfie with the #Granddaddyselfie hashtag on our timeline.
  • Twitter users, tweet your selfie to our Twitter account, @granddaddyhotel, also using the #Granddaddyselfie hashtag.

Get creative and caption your selfie because the photos you share with us on Facebook and Twitter might be your claim to fame as you can win two free tickets to the first movie showing at the newly renovated Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema, debuting the 15th of September.

Join our #GrandDaddySelfie campaign when you visit the Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel for the rooftop opening on the 1st of September, and before you get too carried away in the celebrations, remember to tell yourself this: “But first, let me take a selfie.”

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