Daddy’s Angels

Bryony, Brenda and Ursula otherwise known as Bryony, Brenda and Ursula otherwise known as "Daddy's Angels"

Behind every successful man stands a woman .., in Daddy’s case there are 3 highly motivated and passionate woman, who ensures that everything runs smoothly in all aspects. They are our “all woman” management team, or as we lovingly refer to them, “Daddy’s Angels”.

Heading up our team of super women is, General Manager Bryony Schultz.  A modern day wonder woman, always with a ready smile no matter what challenges the day tosses her way.  She can just as easily entertain guests as she can organize her team to ensure that every guests’ stay is a memorable occasion. 

When you ask her why she thinks it is an advantage for the Grand Daddy to have an all women management team, her reply is simple:  Working for the Grand Daddy is like being part of a family. As a woman, you have a sense of nurturing, which means that you would like every member of your team to be all they can be. We feel proud of our team when they achieve something and are not afraid to let the staff know how we feel.   It is evident that Bryony loves her job in every aspect.  “I love our guests, the people who come to Cape Town to see what an amazing hotel and city we have. I love making their stay as special as possible and watch them leave with the same amount of passion and excitement about Cape Town and the Grand Daddy that I have.  I also love the staff – without them the Grand Daddy is just a building. I love watching them learn and grow and move up and on. I feel pride in all that they achieve”

Brenda Campbell is our accounts guru, she can be compared to the strong foundation of the Grand Daddy Hotel. You do not alway see it, but you know it is there and vitally important to keeping the building upright. It is not difficult to see that she is a warm, caring person with a  delightful sense of humour.  “Women”, she says “have been gatherers since the beginning of time and are able to make ends meet in any climate” that is why in her opinion women are often better at business than men.  Add to that the fact that Woman’s intuition never fails and you will know exactly why Daddy can’t do without her.

Last but not the least in our team of angels, is Ursula Assur.  Our super, creative Food and Beverage manager, who is just as comfortable on the stage as behind it.  Ursula  - as all smart woman do – has ensured that she surrounds herself with a top team of equally creative people, who under her guidance can turn any event, big or small at the Grand Daddy Hotel, into an occasion to remember.

Ursula firmly believes that trusting her female intuition has never failed her and it has served her well in her hospitality career so far. What she loves the most about her job, is the freedom to be herself and the encouragement from all the other staff to creatively challenge the boundaries of exceeding guests expectations.   “Seeing the delight on people’s faces is what makes my job very exciting!”

So when next you visit the Grand Daddy, make sure to keep an eye out for “Daddy’s Angels”

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